Alabama dog tethering laws

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Alabama dog tethering laws

Additional restrictions and harsher fines are on the way for Alabama residents who own dangerous dogs. Named after Emily Colvin, who was attacked and killed by a pack of dogs in her front yard in Jackson County, this new law aims to establish investigation procedures after a dog attack in Alabama. A trial is to be held in municipal court or district court if the dog was determined dangerous by animal control officers or law enforcement officials.

The dog will also be impounded pending trial, if the case goes to court. An injury is considered serious if it causes any of the following:. If the dog did not cause any serious injuries during the attack, the court has two options. The dog could either be humanely euthanized or returned to the current owner as long as specific guidelines are met. If a dog has attacked an innocent victim but did not cause serious injuries, owners are now required to follow the strict conditions below to keep their dog.

Also, the owner must keep the dangerous dog secure on a collar and leash when the dog is outside an enclosure to avoid facing criminal charges. We can get started today with a free case review.

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HuntsvilleAL After you fill out the form you'll be contacted by our experienced legal team for a free case review to get the help that you deserve. Morris Joe A. King, Jr. David J. June 1, News. Share: Email Fill 1 Created with Sketch. Facebook Fill 25 Created with Sketch. Twitter Pinterest. Huntsville Office.

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Florence Office. Get A Free Case Review. Send To Our Attorneys. Disclaimer Privacy Policy.AP — The city council of Huntsville, Alabama, has passed an ordinance to ban the tethering of unattended animals, and it goes into effect next month.

News outlets report the ban says owners will be fined several hundred dollars for animal cruelty if unattended animals are left restrained to stationary objects. The director of Huntsville Animal Services, Karen Sheppard, says the ban was part of a nationwide push to determine if it's fair to leave a dog chained to a fixed spot. She says "more and more cities are saying no, it's not. The ordinance that banned tethering passed in November and also strengthened other area pet regulations, inlcuding requiring outdoor pets have access to potable water, weatherproof shelter and food.

The ordinance goes into effect March 1.

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Due to the state health order, there will be a private visitation and graveside service for Mr. Burial will be in Roselawn Cemetery with D…. Ruth Black, 97, of Elkmont, Alabama, passed away April 8, A private burial was held 11 a. Saturday, April 11,at Limestone Memorial Gardens. A memorial service and visitation will be held at a later date. Memorial service for Ms.

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Black, Ruth.What should she start off asking for damages. Her eye and lip was really damaged. Dog attack and dog bite cases can be difficult cases primarily due to insurance coverage issues. The first thing your sister should do is to put the dog owner and drug recovery center an official notice of her claim for damages.

To fully protect her rights she should consult a personal injury View More Answers. We moved in with an uncle when he asked us to help him take care of his dying partner bone cancer shortly after his passing he kicked us out and said he would keep our dog until we were in a good place. We found out he had him chipped and now he will not give him back to us. We've had our dog A dog is property. You can sue him. You are going to have to show that he agreed to keep the dog temporarily and that you didn't give the dog to him.

GOod luck. The lady lives at the end of my road. Every time she comes by she is speeding way over the 25mh speed limit. I still haven't found my dog to know if hes hurt or dead. This lady came back am hour after running my dog over wanting money. I think if my dog is hurt or dead she should pay me for vet Hello, Helpful information can be found on the county website, division of animal control. The website states: Animals are not permitted to run at large in Marshall County pursuant to state law.

Code of Alabama, Section They also may be able to assist you in locating your My friend and I, along with our roommate, adopted a cat. The adoption papers are in the roommate's name, but we equally split the cost of the adoption fee, vet bills, and our apartment pet fee. Our roommate is now moving out and says she is going to take the cat.

Can she legally do this?And as time keeps progressing more and more cities are saying no, it's not," she said. So, there might not be food out and that's fine, but we want to see that the body condition or the weight of the pet is appropriate," she said. All the sudden the shelter's got water in the bottom of it," she explained. The shelter must also be weather appropriate. If the dog is found shivering in the yard, people will be required to fill the dog house with wheat straw.

And so now we're requiring people when it's hot, they need to provide that the doghouse itself has shelter whether that's a sunshade or a really good tree," she said. We really want pets to be more than just a lawn ornament, they're part of the family and we want them to have the appropriate care," she said.

Skip to content Watch Live Watch Live. This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Your name required. Your email required. Report a typo or grammatical error required.Paws Up! November 16, To the Athens City Council and Huntsville City Council in Alabama for passing ordinances to ban the practice of tethering dogs outside for prolonged periods of time.

Watching dogs run and play outside with reckless abandon warms the hearts of many people. Some may even say a happy dog is a tired dog. These dogs are a stark contrast to the dogs who live a large part of their existence tied to the end of a chain. These chained dogs succumb to a myriad of negative behaviors and physical problems. One of the most dangerous behaviors being aggression that can have deadly consequences.

These dogs are often deemed dangerous or sadly euthanized when a bite has occurred. Continuous tethering is a contributing factor in creating this aggressive behavior. Cities and counties throughout the United States are passing laws to limit or restrict the practice of continuous chaining. Two cities in Alabama have banned it altogether.

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The fines between the two counties vary greatly, but the reasoning behind the ban is the same—to create a more humane life for dogs who would otherwise live their lives on the end of a chain. To learn more about the dangers of dog chaining, please download our free brochure here. Take Action: Athens City residents and Hunstville City residentsplease contact your councilmembers and thank them for passing this law to end the suffering of dogs who exist on the end of a chain.

I am in Talladega AL and witness chained dogs often. How can I go about getting County of Talladega to do the same as these 2 cities. Thank you for your comment. There is power in numbers! You can start a petition with your neighbors and friends to get a dog tethering ban passed.

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Get with shelters, rescues, and animal control to have them back you as well. Write to, call, and email your county commissioner regularly about a dog tethering ban.Jump to navigation.

This brief overview describes state laws 22 states and D. It also includes a table of those state laws dealing with tethering with links to the text of the laws. Tethering or chaining a dog simply means that a person ties a dog with a rope, line, or chain to a stationary object.

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While the laws themselves vary from state to state, they do have several consistent features. Some state laws allow a dog to be tethered for a reasonable period of time. For instance, in Nevada, it is no longer than 14 hours, in Oregon it is no longer than 10 hours, and in Massachusetts that limit is no longer than 5 hours.

Some states specify the type of tether. Hawaii, Texas, Rhode Island and several others have outlawed choke collar, pinch collar, or prong type collars. Other states dictate the length or weight of the tether. Rhode Island requires that the weight of the tether be one-eighth the body weight of the dog and Washington law states that "the weight of the tether shall not unreasonably inhibit the free movement of the dog within the area allowed by the length of the tether.

Tethering in a manner that causes injury or even danger to the dog, including attacks by other animals, can be classified as cruel restraint under many state laws.

alabama dog tethering laws

Finally, in the wake of dogs being left tied during natural disasters, some states provide restrictions based on weather. In Connecticut and Massachusetts, when a weather advisory or warning is issued by authorities, or when outdoor conditions extreme heat, cold, wind, rain, snow or hail pose an adverse risk to the health or safety of particular dog, duration of tethering cannot exceed fifteen minutes.

What happens in those states without laws? General anti-cruelty laws could still penalize the tethering if the dog suffers neglect or cruelty under state law. In addition, many cities and counties have implemented their own laws that restrict or regulate tethering and chaining. West's Ann. No person shall tether, fasten, chain, tie, or restrain a dog to any dog house, tree, fence, or other stationary object. If an animal is restricted by a leash, rope, or chain, the leash, rope, or chain shall be affixed in such a manner that it will prevent the animal from becoming entangled or injured and permit the animal's access to adequate shelter, food, and water.

Violation of this section constitutes a misdemeanor. Infraction or misdemeanor. Animal control may issue a warning to a person who violates this chapter, requiring the owner to correct the violation, in lieu of an infraction or misdemeanor, unless the violation endangers the health or safety of the animal, or the animal has been wounded as a result of the activity. No person shall tether a dog to a stationary object or to a mobile device, including, but not limited to, a trolley or pulley by means of:.

Also prohibits tethering dog outdoors to a stationery object or to a mobile device i. If dog houses with tethers are used as primary enclosures for dogs kept outdoors, the tethers shall be attached so that the dog cannot become entangled with other objects or come into physical contact with other dogs in the housing facility, and so the dog can roam to the full range of the tether.The Athens City Council on Monday decided to table action on updating the city's current animal ordinance, but council members agreed they would likely vote to ban the practice of tethering dogs.

alabama dog tethering laws

The council held a well-attended public hearing on the issue, which featured the viewpoints of several residents who were mostly against tethering dogs. Council member Harold Wales said he and other committee members asked to update the city's animal ordinance had worked for three months on the proposals and indicated he was ready to vote.

However, new concerns led Council President Chris Seibert to delay the vote until the next meeting, scheduled for Nov.

alabama dog tethering laws

The proposals set to be considered Monday would have either allowed tethering dogs via a zip line or banned it entirely.

The latter option would have also forced residents to provide an enclosure for their pet or face a penalty. The amended ordinance states dogs weighing 30 pounds or less would be required to be kept in an enclosure no smaller than 6-by-6 feet, while dogs weighing more than 30 pounds would require an enclosure of by feet.

Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks said that could be an issue because dogs weighing more than 30 pounds could be nearly as large as their enclosures, leaving them little room to move about. Councilman Joseph Cannon pointed out there was no provision in the ordinance for electric fences. He explained if a dog owner has an electric fence that uses a shock collar for the dog, the owner could make the perimeter as large as he or she wishes.

Other questions of concern ranged from how the new ordinance would affect low-income residents and the elderly and how it would be enforced by the Athens Police Department. One resident asked why the ordinance banned carports and garages as acceptable shelter for dogs, which is a provision dating back several years. Marks said he and Wales wrote that amendment because some residents were keeping vicious dogs in fenced-in carports.

North Alabama Animal Warriors, a group which has championed the ban on tethering, has been collecting money to help residents pay for enclosures and dog houses.

New Alabama Law Could Land Dog Owners in Jail

They've also collected straw to provide in those enclosures. Wales acknowledged that while he couldn't help every pet owner in Athens financially, he would be happy to contribute to their cause. Resident David Malone asked how the group would determine which pet owners received financial assistance, though no clear answer was provided. Athens resident James Lucas, who also serves on the Athens Board of Education, was the only one who spoke in favor of tethering.

He explained there are those who may not be able to afford to provide an enclosed space for their dog. He added dog owners should be able to keep a dog on their property any way they choose as long as they're not hurting the animal. Athens veterinarian Dr. Robert Pitman of Limestone Veterinary Clinic said he's seen the gruesome side effects of tethering.

He told the council tethering a dog also promotes aggressive behavior, particularly in pit bull breeds. He pointed out the United State Department of Agriculture issued a ruling as part of the federal Animal Welfare Act that prohibited the tethering of dogs unless prior approval is obtained by the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Janice Thornton-Manning, a Madison resident, presented a photo of a tethered dog to the council. She said the photo was taken in Athens. This is why we need to change the situation. Seibert asked how many residents would be in violation of the tethering ban on day one. Karen Bethea with North Alabama Animal Warriors estimated four to eight pet owners would be in violation.

Seibert said there would be a minimum day window for pet owners to come into compliance. Cannon asked Police Chief Floyd Johnson how he would enforce the ordinance if it passed.

He told the council the equipment has a year lifespan. Elm St. Furline and Teresa Dawn Furline's request to rezone property immediately north of Indian Trace subdivision. Their terms begin next month.

Due to the state health order, there will be a private visitation and graveside service for Mr. Burial will be in Roselawn Cemetery with D…. Ruth Black, 97, of Elkmont, Alabama, passed away April 8,


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