America x reader fluff

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America x reader fluff

I decided to edit it into a fanfic form and share it. I figured it's been a while since submitting anything, so yeah Enjoy the RusAm goodness! The two nations had been reflecting about themselves in the past, back during their more—"competitive" times—and it seems as if they both would never really let the past go behind either of them.

Ivan had started to believe that Alfred would one day find a way to destroy him before he ever got the chance to make the world become one with him, especially since he no longer lived with his Soviet housemates. Their intense past could have possibly rubbed some of the aggressive nature and violent influence towards the young self-proclaimed hero, right?

america x reader fluff

If so, this would pose a slight threat towards the tall Russian. He remembered. Ivan knew just how to get Alfred to do anything his twisted heart pleased, and such an instance had cost Alfred in their little "race" against each other. Ivan merely scoffed at his response.

america x reader fluff

Regardless of his resisting, Ivan still continued to get closer. Alfred simply scoffed. The Russian paused in his steps, pondering for a moment. Alfred grew more cautious, yet curious, to what trickery he was plotting for him. Alfred chuckled, slightly nervous in its tone. Was it a joke? Ivan just smiled in delight, making it seem like he was indeed serious of the aphrodisiacs' existence. His response almost made Alfred tremble, but he attempted to remained unafraid.

He was very confident of the aphrodisiacs' potential, and he knew that it would work if he applied it.

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The comment angered Alfred, even if it were true that he wasn't able to drink as much as Ivan. And he soon suddenly felt himself being pinned against the wall near him. It was Ivan who pushed him, not so much as from anger, but from a form of amusement from such a "tease" that he could only find from someone as arrogant as Alfred.

Alfred picked up on the impression, but denied it. He knew that the intimidating Russian now had him exactly where he wanted, but at least he had to try to make some sort of comeback Unfortunately, it was futile. He refused to accept the unfolding situation. Ivan, however, was untouched.The Space Between Masterlist [on hiatus] — the one on the run.

Best Part — the one in the morning. Closer — the one with the very close shave. Dawn — the one where he feels a little off. Popcorn — the one at the pictures. Neighbour — the one where he walks you home. Awe — the one with the sunset. Ice Cream — the one after midnight.

Two Pringles Hugging — the one with butt stuff. Content — the one where he walks into a bar. Sugar — the one with the cookies. Coffee — the one with breakfast in bed. Distracted — the one at the grocery store. Moon — the one with the lunar eclipse. Steve Rogers x Reader Masterlist. One-shots Best Part — the one in the morning. Posted on 16 Mar pm 1 year ago notes steve rogers x reader steve rogers imagine steve rogers fluff nomad steve rogers x reader nomad steve rogers imagine nomad steve x reader captain america x reader captain america fluff steve rogers angst steve rogers smut steve rogers x reader smut steve rogers fic steve x reader nomad steve rogers fluff nomad steve rogers fic nomad steve rogers angst nomad steve rogers fanfic nomad steve rogers smut nomad steve rogers x reader smut steve rogers fanfiction captain america fanfiction steve rogers x you captain america x you steve rogers x you smut.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Most nights he had to cook for a small army because of this. There were certain ways that he dealt with America and Russia. Seulement, Alfred a une faiblesse. Francis Bonnefoy has been waiting for this kind of career boosting opportunity his whole life, but it won't be easy infiltrating the criminal underground faction run by Arthur Kirkland. Doesn't mean he won't try though.

Alfred hadn't spoken to Ivan in decades, not since he was turned, but once a threat returns he has to finally face his past and try to amend it. Alfred's seemingly perfect world changes when he's thrust into a survival game with 11 other contenders, each competing for the title of god. To make matters worse, the new kid is a complete psycho who claims to be madly in love with him, and is ironically his best chance for survival.

Mirai Nikki! Arthur Kirkland is a book-loving introvert who has an easier time engaging in casual sex than lowering his guard long enough to let anyone in his heart.

So when Arthur starts to develop feelings for Alfred Jones, it's only natural for Arthur to proposition the alpha. But Alfred, who's a hopeless romantic to a fault, would rather remain just friends until the omega is ready to be in a serious relationship. Arthur has to overcome his insecurities and his fear of intimacy so he can allow himself to fall in love and be loved in return.

Prompt request from tumblr. Takes place during the Yalta Conference and Alfred can't help but think about how good Ivan looks in his uniform. A thing I found in my documents inspired by a comic that I don't remember. For the twisted minded. As per usual, Amelia is alone. New York City plays its appropriate background track of sirens and traffic to accompany her loneliness. She expects no one but the usual visitors, her memories and daydreams.

The night diverts her expectations however, bringing a surprising, but not unwelcome visitor. Born deaf, little Matthew has never had many friends. Follow him through kindergarten and beyond as he grows and learns! Tooth rotting fluff ahead! This really shouldn't be that hard. Their countries were enemies, on a foundational, ideological level.

There was a tension that had wrapped around the world in a stranglehold. There were eyes around every corner, in the windows; ears on the phone, in the office, on the streets.Your name: submit What is this? Reader Inserts Forever Hey everyone!

I write reader-inserts with characters from tons of fandoms, usually one-shots or drabbles. Masterlist message Fandoms I Write. Reader Inserts Forever iamsuperfluff.

Reader Inserts Forever

Steve Rogers x Reader: Nightmares and Kisses. You shot up in your bed with a strangled gasp. Damn nightmares. Breath shaky, heartbeat pounding, you ran a hand through your tangled hair and swallowed hard. You shut your eyes, and images from the dream flooded to the surface: the crack of bones, bloody red light, screams of pain in a familiar voice. Blue eyes staring desperately through swollen flesh. Your bedroom door cracked open slightly, spilling hallway light into the too-dark room.

A soft voice whispered from the other side. Of course it would be him, after that particular nightmare.

Hello, Beautiful

After every day of living in this tower trying - struggling - to keep your feelings to yourself. He poked his head through the door, blinking owlishly. His hair was sleep-messy, and his white beater tank was bunched up around his waist, showing a gap between its hem and the loose grey pajama pants he wore. You blinked and looked away. Now was not the time to be distracted by hipbones, no matter how lovely.

You bit your lip hard, then nodded. How good it would be, how right, to say yes - to just nod your head and have him beside you, solid and warm and real and safe. But no. You maneuvered your face into some approximation of a smile. It was just a stupid dream. Good night, Steve. The fact that part of your brain was awake made them all the more terrifying. Struggling to wake up, you rolled onto your back and tried to force out a scream; the sound that made it out was barely a whimper.

With gargantuan effort, you forced your eyes open - and screamed. And screamed and screamed. That sound was all you were aware of - that sound, and the sight above your bed. A skull, bleeding from its eye sockets and grinning with perfect white teeth, waved nine blistered tentacles toward you, reaching for your throat. When he finally spoke, his voice was hesitant.Warnings : my usual fare so tags will be added as we go; just some subtly sexy talk.

This is dark! Steve with a hint of side Bucky and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. Summary: You find yourself in the unsavoury world of the s porn scene after a failed run in Hollywood. Producer Steve Rogers sees something special in you and wants more, but can you give it to him? Note: Alrighty, posting this before I start getting together my writing challenge.

Hope you all like another bit of teasing! Sorry not sorry. Thanks, boo. You the best! You laid on your narrow single bed and flipped through the pages of adverts and editorials.

You should sort that out.

loki x reader smut

Keep reading. It had been a long day by the time let himself into the house. Nova greeted him at the door, tail wagging and fussing at him to get his attention. Bucky follows and nods to himself when he hears the bathtub filling and smiles a little. This was highly requested on my old blog and no intentions of not doing it so here it is! This one was easy for me to write and I have been in a writing mood for a little bit so hehe.

Feedback is always appreciated. You and Bucky were walking around the compound hand in hand talking about how your days went. Suddenly Steve was in front of the two of you asking Bucky if he could come with him, that it was urgent.

A worried look settled in on your face, as Bucky gave you a quick Peck and walked off with Steve. You decided not to worry as Bucky would tell you after if it did end up concerning you.

You made your way back into the compound, and then to the kitchen for a quick snack. An apple and bottle of water will do, you think to yourself. Detective Bucky Barnes is a little less enchanted with the idea. Despite your glaring differences, you and Bucky work well together.

You can run a perp down, he can knock them down. Spotify Playlist. The question made him falter as he reached out to open the door, and instead he frowned over his shoulder at you.Hello, readers, this is my first one-shot so please go easy on me. You start seeing the same cute guy everywhere you go and you start to wonder if it is just a coincidence or fate. I inwardly drool as I look up towards his face which now makes me want to melt.

His baby blue eyes grant him just enough softness to complement his killer jawline and blonde hair, and not to mention the worry that he held in them which makes me smile. And let us not forget those perfectly sculpted lips which urge me to just crash.

Nice to meet you I suppose? We had agreed to meet at the nearest Panini shop for our lunch break and are currently sitting in one of the booths eating our sandwiches. And even though I arrived late they had ordered my favorite sandwich, which warmed my heart and made the annoyance of before fade a little bit. One was a complete jerk, but the other was just a gentleman…like 20th century gentleman. Hottie with a body has just entered the building.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I turn to see if he notices and he catches my glance, giving me a toothy grin before scoping out the scene. They nearly have to hold back a squeal as the said person halts in front of our table, and it is none other than Steve Rogers. Would you mind if I intruded for a moment? Steve looks slightly uncertain until I also give him a nod and he claims the seat directly next to mine.

Not so surprisingly, this guy is pretty amazing despite my first impression which I will admit was clouded at the time.

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Like all that fighting for gender, race, and ethnic equality, where is my height equality? I try on my tiptoes one last time to see if I could reach the required seasoning to complete my dish, but just like my previous attempts, I fail again. Or, at least I believed I did until the container is placed in my hand when my feet land back on the ground.

Her hair frames her face while flowing past her shoulders, enhancing her already natural beauty. Not to mention that she had a body to match as her spandex tights and tank top portrayed all of her features that could make men and women alike drool. Of course, it was just a momentary attraction, but…well, I guess I should have known that all the good ones are always taken.

I glance back out of pure curiosity to see him giving me a warm smile before jogging off to where I last saw him and his friend. His smile encapsulated in my mind as it leaves a permanent smile on my face for the rest of the 5 minutes I spend picking up the last needed ingredients. Reader Hello, readers, this is my first one-shot so please go easy on me.

Pairing: Steve x Short! Word Count:1, Warnings: A handful of swears. What brings you to our table? Jul 13, Omg yes, I'm not even big America fan but this is awsome like everything you write, and also is one of my favourites!! You know, I hear he has over weaknesses. So you're gonna have to write more. Uhm I don't know Black hair and eyes.

I'm dying to see what the outcome is of these countries' bond. I was half expecting them to realize that cameras in elevators are a thing. I love your work. Shouldn't the fire department and a bunch of other people be trying to get them out and shit like that? Character: America. Fandom: Hetalia. OC: [Name].

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Inspiration: Getting trapped in an elevator. The prompt idea is from someone who emailed me but I forget who you are! You very much doubt that anything is scarier than riding in an elevator doomed to break down. You have a mild claustrophobic issue regarding small spaces.

You gasp as he hurtles you against the wall, stares at you in surprise, and then promptly turns as red as a beet. And you suspect his embarrassment is for two things.

america x reader fluff

His blush deepens and you raise your eyebrows, enjoying the close view of it. Close is perhaps an understatement: the force of the fall has pushed him to you like a magnet, and only inches of space separate your mouth from his. I uh…just forget I said it, okay? You tilt your head curiously and suddenly Alfred seems to realize just how close the two of you are, and he jerks away with another heady blush.

He certainly does a good job at covering it up.

Todoroki x yandere reader

Now that you think of it, all the countries do a good job at it. He opens his mouth to respond but before he can, the elevator gives another lurch and the lights flicker out, only to be replaced by a menacing red strobe light that burns into existence then disappears, burns then disappears, over and over.

Immediately he comes forward, slides to the floor beside you, and shuffles himself into your side. Touch is a powerful tool. Yours calms him so quickly that a few seconds later, he starts chuckling. You turn to him, glancing at what little of his face you can see through the quickly vanishing light.


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