Mmo mouse for fps

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Mmo mouse for fps

We purchase our own mice and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. MMO games like World of Warcraft have been around for some time now, and manufacturers have created dedicated MMO mice with a ton of side buttons for you to have as many hotkeys right at the tip of your thumb for quick casting.

The best gaming mouse in 2020

We've reviewed over 50 mice so far, and these are our recommendations for the best mice for MMOs. Also check out our recommendations for the best gaming micethe best wireless gaming miceand the best FPS mice. This excellent wired MMO mouse is comfortable to use thanks to its slanted shape and small thumb rest.

mmo mouse for fps

It features a panel of 12 programmable side buttons, which can be moved forward or back to find the best positioning depending on where your thumb sits. The buttons can be reprogrammed within Corsair's iCUE software to do almost anything, including macros or instant application launching, and the program is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS.

The performance of the mouse is outstanding, and its wide CPI range can be adjusted by steps of 1, which is amazing and means you can fine-tune it to precisely match your preferences. Its click latency is also quite low, and even competitive gamers shouldn't notice any delays or lag.

The mouse is best used with a claw grip, and all hand sizes should be able to get a comfortable grip and reach all the buttons. Unfortunately, due to its bulky and wired design, it isn't the best option to take around with you, though it's likely that it'll stay at home with your gaming setup.

It features swappable side panels that have different button layouts. However, it's a bit on the larger side, so it might not be suited for people with smaller hands.

If you want the best mouse for MMOs, then get the Corsair, but if you play a wider variety of games, grab the Razer instead as it's way more versatile. If you're looking to create a cleaner setup with fewer wires, check out the Logitech G Lightspeed, the best wireless mouse for MMO games that we've reviewed so far. Unfortunately, while it comes with a USB cable, the mouse doesn't have a built-in rechargeable battery and uses a single AA battery instead.

There's even onboard memory to save profiles in case you need to move to another computer, and its customization software is available for both Windows and macOS. All in all, this is an excellent MMO mouse with amazing customization options that most gamers should be satisfied with. It has a narrower CPI range, though it should be more than enough for most. This wired mouse has a wide design that features 12 programmable side buttons on the left side, as well as a large third main click button on the right side which allows you to access a second layer of programmed controls.

Despite being a somewhat bulky mouse, it should be comfortable for almost any hand size with any grip type, other than for extra-large hands who may have a difficult time with a palm grip, or small hands with fingertip grip.

Unfortunately, the cable is rather stiff and rigid and it may create drag when using on your desktop.

mmo mouse for fps

On the upside, the performance of this mouse is excellent, and its CPI range should be more than wide enough for most people. It also has a very low click latency, which is great, so you shouldn't notice any delay from when you press a button to when it's activated on screen. This helps give it an incredibly large amount of programmable button clicks, without cluttering the mouse too much.Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

Gaming with a normal mouse is like driving a sports car with flat tires. If you are serious about gaming then it is imperative to have a gaming mouse because it plays a very important role in an enjoyable gaming experience, and you also have better control and comfort more control in playing games. It is also the most important weapon in competitive gaming because you want accuracy, precision, and control in these games, which is not a forte of a regular optical mouse. So, I would certainly advise you to invest in a gaming mouse, even if you are a casual gamer or want to dominate in PC games.

Gaming mice can be really expensive but if you are not willing to spend a huge sum of cash on a high-end gaming mouse, then there are very good budget options available too that are as good as the expensive gaming mice and do their job very well. These budget gaming mice do come with all essential gaming features such as customizable buttons, onboard memory, higher DPI, higher polling rate and some of them may come with RGB lighting and effects. You may miss out on some features such as adjustable weights, braided cable, the higher lifespan for buttons, extra customizable buttons, much higher DPI, rubberized grip and advanced features such as jitter elimination, intelligent tracking, etc.

However, these extra features may not matter that much for most gamers, as the majority of the mainstream gamers do prefer budget gaming mouse only, which can provide them enough performance, features, and comfort in games. Most of these budget gaming mice are from well-known reputable brands and they can be used for your normal or professional work too as your daily driver.

Pro Tip: Always use a mouse-pad for your gaming mouse to prevent the mouse feet from getting worn out, and it also helps in smoother movement. A very good budget gaming mouse from Logitech that features a classic design and RGB lighting.

This is a medium-sized mouse and is very lightweight at 85 grams. The mouse may not be suitable for large hands but is perfect for small and medium-sized hands. The maximum polling rate offered by the mouse is MHz or 1ms, which makes it very responsive and accurate.

The build quality of the mouse is pretty good and it does not feel like a cheap mouse at all. Also, the RGB lighting is done very tastefully that diffuses through the Logitech G logo on the top and around the borders in the form of a strip that runs halfway through the body.

The mouse features ambidextrous design but the side buttons are provided on one side only for right-handed users. The mouse comes with a lightweight and thin cable that also helps in a quick movement and does not drag the mouse along with it.

The clicks are satisfying and it uses OMRON switches for left and right buttons that are rated for 10 million clicks of lifespan. The sensor is super responsive and smooth, and it does feel like you are using an expensive high-end mouse. In Asia, this mouse is known as Logitech G and I have used it for a couple of years for gaming, and it worked out very well for me until I switched to the Logitech G Wireless Gaming Mouse.

$12 Mouse Vs. $160 Mouse: We Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Gaming Mice in Fortnite

This is also one of the fastest gaming mice in the world that has tracking speed in excess of IPs, where IPS stands for Inch per second. The mouse is a bit longer but has an ergonomic shape to provide superior comfort during long hours of gaming.

It is suitable for large and medium-sized hands.GPU Roundups. Competitive gaming is, well, competitive. And that competition gets heated.

Having the best gaming mouse means your inputs will be more accurately reproduced and with less latency. Best Wired Mouse. Best Logitech. Durable aluminum. Onboard memory.

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Ergonomic mouse. Unique button layout. Most popular esports mouse. Affordable wireless mouse. Razer is known for making very high-quality gaming peripherals, and the Deathadder Elite is praised by some as being the top gaming mouse on the market.

It is preferred by a number of esports pros in Counter Strike, Fortniteand a number of other fast-paced shooters. The reason this mouse earns so much praise is its incredibly accurate sensor that is able to run at a true DPI. This is less accurate than a sensor that can truly run at DPI like the Deathadder. The sensor is also capable of tracking movement at up to inches per second with a In games, this translates to the ability to perform quick but precise maneuvers.

This mouse also has seven programmable buttons: 2 on the left side, 2 on the top, the left and right clicks, and the mouse wheel itself.

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These buttons can be programmed to do just about anything in the Razer Synapse software. For those on the go, a wireless mouse is often much easier to take along than a wired one; some people just prefer wireless mice outright. If this sounds like you, then the Logitech G Chaos Spectrum is a great choice. The sensor comes with five preset DPI settings that range from to an impressive The G comes with covers and replacement pieces for some of the buttons on the sides that allow you to easily convert it from a right-handed to a left-handed mouse.

The Naga Trinity comes with three different side panels that you can switch out at any time, each one offering a different button layout. The first option is more or less your standard mouse with two simple buttons.

The second option has seven buttons laid out in a circle, which is great for MOBA players as this lets you map your abilities to the buttons. Finally, the third option has a number pad like layout with 12 buttons, which is a great choice for MMO players who have gotten a little too obsessed with macros.They can improve your accuracy in a game or they can give you an advantage in keybindings and extra buttons.

So while I was doing some research, I found that many people were suggesting a wide range of mice. Most of which included well-known companies like LogitechRazer and Steelseries. While others, less known companies like Dream machines, Rocat and Finalmouse. While the MMO part will focus more on the extra features of mice, like buttons and so on.


Before we get started, keep in mind that these reviews are not in order. This is because we are going on the basis that everyone has their own preferences on a gaming mouse in general.

That matter really is more targeted at MMO users. You just need something comfortable to play. In addition to the new sensor, the Deathadder has extra buttons. Two to be exact and they sit right below the mouse wheel. Speaking about Razer Synapse software, the Deathadder allows you to adjust its lift off range LOD to the lowest range, 1 millimeter.

Something that really stands out from many of its competitors as having such a low LOD it can be ideal for gamers who love flick their shots in an FPS. Besides the extra two buttons below the mouse wheel, everything has remained the same. You still have the familiar sloped line and shell, uniquely curved to the left and right mouse clicks.

Furthermore, the build quality is still above average. While it is still mostly a rather soft to the touch plastic, the rubber grooves on the left and right clicks of the mouse are still there for better grip.

The scroll wheel has also been changed and now has a distinct set of steps to allow for a rather firm and satisfying click.

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The mouse still comes with a 2. However, it has two big Teflon feet which are a change from the two little front feet and single back foot. The reason why we included all three of the Zowie FK series gaming mice is because they are identical to each other. All three share the same hardware layout and the only difference here is really size but well talk about that in a moment.

Next is the lowest lift-off range coming in anywhere between 1. While its not as great as the Deathadder it is still amazing and should be considered.

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The FK series gaming mouse are fitted with four extra buttons with two being on both the left and right of the mice, as it is marketed as a true ambidextrous mouse. However, you can only have one side at a time active. This is large to prevent accidentally hitting the buttons on the opposite side. Please note though, this gaming mouse has no software, but a there is a little switch on the bottom to deactivate the buttons on either side.

In terms of the build style, the mouse was designed for use of fingertip grip and because of that the mice is rather small in height and lacks a big enough hump for palm grip.

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Furthermore, the sides are slightly curved towards the middle and both have ledges above to make it easier to pick up.

All three gaming mice come with a 2m long cable made up of a mostly smooth flexible rubber. Lastly, all three come with two big Teflon feet with one placed in the front and the other in the back along with two extra replacement mouse feet just in case. This gaming mouse comes equipped with some good hardware which makes it capable of handling up to 12, DPI with a max acceleration of 40g and a max speed of IPS.

In addition to the good speeds, this mouse also has a polling speed adjustable from Hz. However, I found that 1 CD height 1. First of all, it sports the lowest curvature when compared to the DA and FK mice. As for the sides, because of its design, the edge are somewhat vertically rounded.

There both the two extra buttons sit and each has some subtle comfort groves. Which is the same for the DPI switch that sits snugly below the mouse wheel.We purchase our own mice and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Gaming mice for FPS games aren't too flashy; they don't have the multiple side buttons you can find on dedicated MMO mice, and instead they usually only have two side buttons.

When it comes to choosing a mouse for your needs, you should also feel comfortable grabbing it and moving it around accurately. Whether you want a reliable wired connection or the freedom of a wireless design, mice for FPS games are usually light and easy to move around.

We've reviewed over 60 mice so far, and below are our top picks for the best mice for FPS gaming. This excellent wireless gaming mouse has a fairly non-descript and straight-forward design and is fully black with RGB lighting on the logo and mouse wheel. It feels well-made and should be comfortable enough for most marathon gaming sessions. It's well-suited for claw grip for everyone except those with extra-large hands, and it's quite lightweight for a non-honeycomb wireless mouse.

If you want something even more lightweight, you may also want to consider the regular Razer Viperwhich performs similarly but is a bit lighter and has a wire. Its max CPI is one of the highest we've ever seen, though unfortunately the CPI error was quite high when using the mouse slowly, and it's much more accurate with fast movements. Overall, it's an excellent wireless gaming mouse that has great performance and should be comfortable and lightweight enough for even the longest of gaming marathons.

If you want a great wireless FPS gaming mouse but don't want to spend as much, get the Logitech G It has a straight-forward ambidextrous design with six programmable buttons, and its software is compatible with both Windows and macOS, unlike Razer's Synapse software. Unfortunately, it isn't quite as comfortable, though it should be suitable for the same grip types and hand sizes as the Razer. If you don't want to have to deal with AA batteries or want something that weighs less, go with the Razer, but if you want to save quite a bit of money and still want once of the best mice for CSGO or any other FPS, get the Logitech.

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This is the latest model in the very popular DeathAdder line of mice, and it packs some welcome upgrades. It features Razer's newly designed cable which is much more flexible and maintains much fewer kinks from the packaging, as well as creating less drag on the desk. It feels very well-built and has a classic and straight-forward black design with RGB lighting on the logo and mouse wheel. Like previous versions, this mouse is very comfortable and has a slight slant that makes it better-suited for right-handed use.

It's easy to hold with any grip type, though small hands will likely only be able to comfortably reach the side buttons while using a palm grip.

The performance is outstanding, with a very low click latency and a wide adjustable CPI range so you can fine-tune the mouse to match your preferences. There are two programmable side buttons, as well as two DPI buttons on the top of the mouse which can be reprogrammed as well. It has a straight-forward black design with a strip of RGB lighting around the bottom and is quite lightweight. Its click latency is quite low, especially for a budget mouse, and while its sensor performance isn't quite as good as the Razer, it's still excellent overall.

The mouse is best used with a claw or fingertip grip, and only those with small or medium hands will be able to use it comfortably with a palm grip. Overall, if you want the absolute best performance regardless of price, get the Razer, but if you want to save some cash and still have a fantastic FPS gaming experience, go with the SteelSeries. It's one of the lightest mice available and even if it has a honeycomb pattern design, it's still very well-built.

Its cable is very lightweight and flexible, which doesn't create drag on your desk when moving the mouse around. It has four base CPI settings ofbut there's third-party software that lets you customize it a bit more.

This mouse is really small, so it's better suited for small hands or people using a fingertip grip. It also comes with latex grips that can be put on its body to modify its size and shape.

See our review. If you find the third-party resell price of the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 - Cape Town to be too expensive, then check out the Glorious Model O.

mmo mouse for fps

It might not be as light as the Finalmouse, but this mouse is more affordable and can also be customized inside its dedicated software. This mouse also has RGB lighting, which some may prefer.My Account.

Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 11 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Hey all. Friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone can see it, but only you get to feel the warmth it brings. Reply With Quote. It's pretty hard to accidently click the additional buttons, and even if you did.

And what comes to the feel, it's just bigger really and maybe tilted to the left a bit, which for some might be prefered anyways. Originally Posted by Lapetos. Thanks for the advice I shall take it on board. Unfortunately the shops near me are terrible for gaming accessories so tend to have to order online. Looked through a lot of reviews and since you say there isn't much of a difference other than possible size then that might lean me towards the Logitech G I have larger hands and since that has a few extra buttons for MMO use then that might be the way to go.

G is a great mouse but not very wide. My hand cramped up during long D3 gaming sessions. If I were buying a mouse on price, I'd just buy the cheapest wired Logitech gaming mouse which had the right number of buttons. Logitech isn't always my absolute favourite, but I find them consistently reliably competent.

I'd also ignore the manufacturer epeening over max DPI rates - you're unlikely to use anything over k anyway I don't even go that high normally. I'm of the opinion that you don't really need 12 side buttons to play MMOs, with only the average 2 you can already bind 5 things using the scroll wheel and the buttons, add modifiers and you can get up to This plus the easily accessible keyboard buttons like But this is not about being able to, it's just preference.

I'd say to try them first, it's a very subject topic and even if people start talking about sensors and accuracy, which is a very technical subject, the mouse user experience is still heavily influenced by it's format.

And that's purely preference. I use the extra buttons to do things like crouch and throw grenades. I prefer not to use my keyboard for keys other than WASD if possible. Edit: I have a G When I got my naga, I accidentally clicked the side buttons for a while.If you are in search of the MMO gaming mouse, it is important to consider everything you are getting instead of just the comfort level.

Just because an MMO mouse looks pretty does not mean it will be the right one for you. You will need to find the one that fits your hand, has the features you need, and is comfortable.

Lightweight mice are generally considered better because they allow you to move quicker when needed, but opinions on this vary. Comfort is key, as most gamers spend a lot of time gaming and therefore need a mouse that feels nice in their hands.

Another component that is very important is ease of use. Gaming mice have come a long way in the past decade, and gone are the days of having to use the keypad for most commands.

Of course, the main thing you probably want in your MMO mouse is a lot of different buttons. Casual computer mice are very insufficient for the needs of a die-hard gamer.

There are many different MMO mice offered today, and picking one can be very difficult and confusing, especially if it is the first time you are buying one. This article will serve as a guide for you to choose the best MMO gaming mouse. The sensor is a very important component of your MMO mouse. Instead, the main difference is the kind of technology that the mice use for lighting.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse for FPS, MMO, MOBA & eSports in 2020

CMOS sensors in mice are typically optical and work by capturing images constantly and then comparing these images to conclude which ways and how far the mouse has moved. The fact of the matter is that you need to find the right DPI for you as well as whatever game you are playing.

Many mice today come with extremely high DPIs, which is quite extreme seeing as most gamers do just fine with mid-range DPIs. When it comes to DPIs, another important factor is what surface you are using the mouse on and what kind of mouse pad you have. Both of these can certainly affect the performance of any mouse, so it may take a while for you to find the right DPI for you and your gaming setup. Another thing that will help you in choosing the best MMO mouse is determining your grip type.

Over time, you will develop your own mouse grip style that works best for you, so it is important to consider this when buying an MMO mouse. Other people grip their mice like a claw, which is unique because the fingers tend to arch up.

Another grip type could be classified as a fingertip grip, which is actually very hard to become a professional at because it means using the tips of your fingers to move the mouse at high sensitivities.

Overall, you need to play around with your current mouse and determine your grip type before purchasing a new one. Similar to grip, the position of the buttons on your MMO mouse is crucial. Of course, you are going to have to know what you are pressing without even glancing at the mouse. Some people use their full thumb and press buttons hard, therefore needing bigger ones, whereas other people touch buttons with the tip of their thumb and fingers, so they can get away with smaller buttons.

You may also want to determine if the tactile distinction in between the buttons is good for you. Some people can easily determine where one button ends and another begins; however, other people may not and need a mouse that helps them distinguish between buttons better. Some MMO mice can be quite expensive, but the purchase is worth it if it is going to last. Gamers are very hard on their mice and expect them to last a long time without decreasing in performance.

That said, just because a mouse is heavier does not mean it is sturdier and will last longer. Before making a purchase, hold the MMO mouse and test it out if possible.


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